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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

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My only compliant was Nog going from engineering to security, unless he went back and got training in security.
we know he did some soldiering in the Dominion War, and most modern services require that their MPs or whatever do two or three years in another branch first - conveniently there's an article on that very subject in the latest Star Trek Magazine...

Is the Stormcrow supposed to be a Mogai-class (Valdore) or was there a new type of ship called the Valdore-class with a brand new Valdore?
The former - Judging by the information online about it, and the designations used, I think Valdore is probably the Starfleet designation for it. (the way that the west had different names for WW2 japanese aircraft types or Soviet stuff than the Japanese and Soviets did.)

And, before anyone asks, yes Tomalak's Fist is meant to be the ship from the 2011 SOTL calendar.
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