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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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The quality of Dragon Age 2 is so far below their other games it's hard to believe it was made by the same studio.
I don't understand the Dragon Age 2 hate. I think people put their expectations too high, because I love the game and the handful of other people I know playing it also love it as much as the first.
It has problems to be sure - it's not a perfect game. Dungeons need to be unique for one thing. And it's still an odd choice to make a game with no real arcing plotline through it but I still think it worked fairly well. DA2 certainly isn't their best game ever, but I found it more enjoyable than DAO personally and I don't see one game breaking a company. I mean, Jade Empire wasn't all that good and they still managed to muddle through.
Well I'm still looking forward to Mass Effect 3 and other future Bioware games. I'm hoping that Dragon Age 2 was just a misstep for Bioware. I also agree that Jade Empire was a bit of a misstep for Bioware (and I consider it their second worse game after Dragon Age 2) but I don't mind it as much because they were trying something different with it.

I think my post came off a little harsh. I'm just going to be a bit more cautiously optimistic about Bioware games in the future, especially about the Dragon Age games.

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