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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

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Considering the state of the relationship between Dax and Bashir, transferring to Aventine was likely not a great option (also remember she had her pick of personnel after taking command and she chose Tarses as her CMO).
I know. *sigh* Look, whether the DS9 relaunch picks up where it left off or not--the sooner SOMEONE reconciles the two after the events of ZSG...the better!
Sure. Reconcile, be friends, admit mutual mistakes, and move on. Bashir with Sarina, Ezri as herself until somebody comes along.
Nah. Too simple--not enough story there. Besides, I don't think Julian would WANT to stay with Sarina, when he discovers--

--and he WILL discover it, if he's the brilliant intellect we remember.

With that out of the way, I could just imagine an homage to the final scene of Quantum of Solace, between Ezri and Julian. ("Did you...find what you were looking for?" "Yes. Congratulations, Ezri, you were right." "About what?" "About Sarina...and me.")

Or better yet, the end of Casino Royale--again, with Ezri in place of M. (I know--that idea's cruel. But even with Sarina not dying, that exchange could easily be made appropriate. For example--

Or something similar, anyway.)
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