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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Warren Ellis will be writing six issues of "Secret Avengers".

As the writer explained, parts of Brubaker's original take of the comic went hand-in-hand with Ellis' past work. "Ed told me that 'Sekritly Avengering' was, in his conception, a fusion of the Marvel Universe with 'G.I. Joe' and my own 'Global Fequency.' And that's exactly the approach I'm taking with it," he said, noting that the single issue story format for his run was not a reaction to the long-arc compression popularized by his early '00s superhero work. "Well, if it was inspired by 'Global Freq,' then 'Scantily Angling' needed to go the full nine yards and be executed as a sequence of done-in-one issues, just like 'Global Freq.'
I've actually been wondering about the future of Secret Avengers what with Steve Rogers apparently set to to re-take the responsibilities of being Captain America again. It seems to me that if Rogers becomes Cap again, the Secret Avengers concept will have outlived its usefulness. I wonder if that's why Marvel hired a limited run replacement for Brubaker rather than a long-term replacement.
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