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Alternatively, if you're looking for some adventure, you can explore caves and try to find one that goes deep enough. This method is horribly inefficient; in the time it took me to find 8 diamonds doing this, I found 40 by doing branch mining. Branch mining is also much safer as you place torches while creating tunnels, thus no monsters should spawn.

itisnotlogical wrote:
I haven't found any wolves yet and I've traveled a large distance from my house (about 300 blocks, guesstimating by how far away I placed waypoint torches). Do wolves even spawn on worlds that were generated in 1.3?
They should do as they're spawning on my world and I started that back in September. The only thing not available in my world is lapis lazuli ore, but that should be generated if I explore new regions.

I'm actually very lucky as wolves are constantly spawning outside my main base, so the game must have classed that region as a forest biome with the halloween update even though I had removed all trees from the area by then.
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