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Re: Dana Delany: Babe of the week #14 (Apr. 2011)

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These are different lines they used at the end of the Animaniacs theme:

Here’s the show’s namey
Pinky and The Brainy
Come back, Shaney
The rain in Spainy
Shirley MacLainey
How urbaney
Citizen Kaney
Andromeda Strainy
Where’s Lon Chaney?
Eisenhower Mamie
Miss Cellany
Chicken Chow Meiny
Dana Delany
No pain, no gainy
Money down the drainy
Penny Laney
Tarzan and Janey
Here’s the Flamey
Meet Mark Twainy
Presidential campaigny
Hunchback of Notre Damey
Bowling laney
Bangor, Mainey
Frasier Craney
Mister Haney
Quiche lorrainey
Lake Champlainy
High octaney
Public domainy
Saddam Husseiny
Bless you. I was trying to remember all of them and couldn't.
I spent maybe five minutes searching for the one with Dana Delany and decided it didn't really matter.
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