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If they could remotely switch them on I think they would have done that to the Citadel. And you wouldn't have to wipe out the Relay systems...they could (somewhat easily) be towed out side the solar system and destroyed, It would be a massive effort but more than possible with ME Tech. A Supernova level Explosion would be very localized. No more than a 100 AU. (if that)
The Citadel is the hub of the network and can control ALL the relays at once. That doesn't mean once deactivated, an individual relay can't be reactivated. Hell, we know they can because it's been done several times, it's how humanity started colonising deep space and what caused the First Contact Wars. Firstly the Charon relay was reactivated after being dormant for an extended period of time (so much that it accumilated enough frozen gas to be mistaken for a small moon.) Later, trying to reactivate a relay was what caught the attention of the turians who chose to open fire on the human team, assuming they didn't know what they were tampering with. I think it's safe to say that the Reapers would be fully capable of reactivating the relays one pair at a time even without the Citadel.

But if they didn't need the relays to decelerate as well as accelerate then wouldn't need the receiving fact they could literally slingshot their ship from one relay any where but that's not how they use it.

They Mass Effect cores reduces their mass or increases there mass but will do nothing when you're traveling millions of times c. The Energy of momentum isn't being converted into relativistic mass. That energy to increase the ships mass field is coming from the core which means no matter how large the mass field is the ships velocity will remain constant despite the Mass Effect field.
They need the relays to cross intra-galactic distances in a reasonable amount of time, yes, but relays aren't the only means of FTL propulsion. It's all on the codex.

There was huge peices of of Sovereign left
Enough that they reversed engineered it's weapons.
This was specifically addressed by Anderson. A lot of it went missing through illegal salvage operations, the Keepers somehow managed to spirit away some more and out of what was left, there wasn't anything that (officially at least) could prove that it *wasn't* a Geth ship.

True, but that's the part that is contrived.
All governments have a inherent suspicion about threats to their Sovereignty. For the Council races not redonkulus...That's bad story telling. They need the Shepard to be on the outside so he would have not choice but to accept Cerberus' help. That's why we're only hearing about Hackett's gestures now.
How is it contrived? It's totally reasonable that a government that has a history of interfering to avoid conflict at almost any cost would look at the evidence, decide that the Geth are the true threat that all the reaper mumbo jumbo is just the ramblings of one over excitable human. People like Anderson and Hackett believe Shepard on *trust*. They didn't see the vision, didn't speak to Sovereign on Virmire or Vigil on Ilos. Though we know it's all true because we play as Shepard, from the POV of Udina and the council there's no concrete, verifiable evidence to support the Commander's story...until Arrival anyway. In the mean time it's much more politically convenient to blame it all on Saren and the Geth.

I remember they say that the power was depleated and that's all they said. It lasted 50,000 years it seems a bit convenient that after that one amount of time it chose that moment to fail.
No, that was the cryonic systems for the base staff. Those thing ran out of power after just the first few centuries. Listen for yourself. As for Vigil, it stands the reason it'd spent most of the last fifty millennia in a state of dormancy, so the mere act of reactivating even for such a short time probably hastened it's deterioration. If left undisturbed it may have lasted another few millennia and concerns if someone else had turned up and triggered it prior to Saren and Shepard then it's possible it would have been dead *long* before the Normandy arrived.

But that was holographic interface alone that was breaking down. The memory was completely intact with no signs of degradation. Vigil didn't have blanks so that means the information was still viable.
They specifically said the VI was badly damaged and wouldn't last long. We no next to nothing about the state of the databases beyond what Vigil verbally conveyed and that file that re-opened the relays. For all we know it sacrificed whole swaths of detailed data in order to preserve the most vital basic facts needed to help anyone that turned up. Hell, even if the database was intact there'd be no way to decipher it without the VI interface to interpret. It's established in ME1 that intact prothean data discs are rare, fragile and nobody has yet to figure out how to transcribe their data. Remember that prothean is a dead language and there's no "rosette stone" to base a translation on, never mind deciphering their programming language or breaking through any encryption.

One Reaper isn't going to be the problem.
How does know how they reproduce help (if that's even what their doing)?
Really? Oh well if you say so. Did you even play ME1?

Yeah that was real vague...
They never said whether they were in Transit through the Relay, I guess it's implied or whether they were approaching the Relay on their side and preparing to use it....

I'll play agains...
It's not vague at all, it's pretty damned explicit. You even see a vision of them approaching the relay. Hell, at the end of ME2 you even see them heading for the galaxy's from the void.
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