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Re: Dana Delany: Babe of the week #14 (Apr. 2011)

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Twenty years too late, I vote no. I do think she's hot though.
You realize that makes no sense, right?

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Well, as she's tread into middle-age Jennifer Aniston has only gotten more reedy, stringy, leathery, botoxed and plastic-surgeried into a creation of something, sort of, resembling a middle-aged woman. Aniston looked her best on Friends and even then probably only during the show's first half or so.

Yeah, what?
Eh, okay, I may have went overboard on my description of Aniston she doesn't look that bad and she certainly still looks pretty good. But, I dunno, I still that Dana Delany looked better today at 55 than what Aniston looks like now at 42. Maybe it's because I still think Aniston is way too damn thin.

Btw, Google Video search, "Dana Delany, Exit to Eden, butter" and thank me later.
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