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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread WonderCon 2011 Q&A with Scott Allie - part 1

Some of the more interesting answers/info:

  • Jane Espenson and Drew Greenberg will be writing for season 9.
  • About Joss's role in S9:
    He's cowriting Buffy, but his work on A&F will be more like his work on your average issue of Season 8. Approving outlines, giving notes, pitching in ideas, and editing scripts and some dialogue. He's very much a co-editor on this stuff, superseding Sierra and me. For instance, on A&F #1, he approved the outline for the first arc after a couple drafts, then gave notes that called for two scenes to be rewritten before going to Rebekah. There's a lot of dialogue between him and Chris, with Sierra and me in the middle, especially as we sketch out the supporting cast, the new characters we're introducing. Joss has very specific ideas about how to intro a new character, and making sure we take the time required to do it right, which we didn't always get to do in Season 8, because we introduced such a large supporting cast.
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