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Re: Dana Delany: Babe of the week #14 (Apr. 2011)

Well, as she's tread into middle-age Jennifer Aniston has only gotten more reedy, stringy, leathery, botoxed and plastic-surgeried into a creation of something, sort of, resembling a middle-aged woman. Aniston looked her best on Friends and even then probably only during the show's first half or so.

Dana Delany, on the other hand, was incredible looking even at nearly 40 when she made "Exit to Eden" and while she's certainly had some work done herself it seems to be either higher quality or less intense.

In other words, Delany has aged nicely with time like a fine wine, Aniston -on the other hand- was good in her vintage but someone left her out of the wine cooler for too long and she's half way into turning into vinegar.

Trekker, may have stretched that analogy too far.
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