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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

The Angel series will be titled "Angel and Faith" and will be written by Christos Gage.

Some bits from the interview...

From what I understand, "Angel & Faith" will be part of the Season 9 banner with Buffy -- but pointedly not simply as a part of "Buffy Season 9." To what degree will the events of your series be intermingling with what's going on in the next Buffy series?
It's not all that different from the way they functioned when both shows were on TV at the same time. They take place in the same universe, but in different geographic locations. There may be references to each other, and characters from one may even cross over to the other at times -- but they'll essentially be separate stories in the same world, for the most part. But the larger landscape -- a world now cut off from magical realms, with different interests moving to adjust to the new status quo in ways both beneficial and deadly -- is common to both books.


It's interesting that Faith shares top billing for this book. What is her role in the series, and why, to your mind, does it merit putting her name in the title?
We didn't want her to feel like a sidekick or gal Friday. She's never been that, and she won't be here. I was telling Scott that I think of all the Buffyverse characters, Faith has matured the most. You could make an argument for Xander, but I think Faith started further behind the eight ball than him. And post-"Twilight," she might just be in the best place of anyone. Which leads to the question of whether being around Angel, who is probably in the worst place, is a good idea...
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