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It's self defeating. The relays offer mobility and communication which are the closest things to advantages a fleet has over the Reapers. Isolating all the systems leaves them as sitting ducks as there's no guarantee the Reapers couldn't simply switch them on again. It's all moot anyway since the citadel races barely understand how the relays work, let alone have the slightest idea how to fully control them. Destroying them clearly isn't an option because it'd mean wiping out just about every inhabited system in the galaxy, not exactly a wise strategic plan.
If they could remotely switch them on I think they would have done that to the Citadel. And you wouldn't have to wipe out the Relay systems...they could (somewhat easily) be towed out side the solar system and destroyed, It would be a massive effort but more than possible with ME Tech. A Supernova level Explosion would be very localized. No more than a 100 AU. (if that)

Mass effect fields are supposed to negate the effects of gravity and inertia by reducing the mass of objects within the field. As such, a ship's ability to decelerate is limited only by the power of it's element zero core. Reapers, even dead ones have been shown to have enormously powerful cores and able to pull of manoeuvres that would tear any other ship in half.
But if they didn't need the relays to decelerate as well as accelerate then wouldn't need the receiving fact they could literally slingshot their ship from one relay any where but that's not how they use it.

They Mass Effect cores reduces their mass or increases there mass but will do nothing when you're traveling millions of times c. The Energy of momentum isn't being converted into relativistic mass. That energy to increase the ships mass field is coming from the core which means no matter how large the mass field is the ships velocity will remain constant despite the Mass Effect field.

As for how relays work, it's all in the codex and if you don't want to load up the game to read it, I'm pretty sure everything has been transcribed onto the Mass Effect Wiki. In brief though, they weren't heading for that relay from another outside the galaxy, they were travelling to that system on the outer edge of the galaxy under their own power. If they'd reached the relay, it would have given them access to the entire network and allowed them to go just about anywhere in the galaxy. Without that relay, they're forced to continue under their own power to the next nearest relay, which would be weeks, months or even years away at even their FTL speeds.
Well what parts of Arrival said this?

It's simply a matter of logic. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of Reapers and even one of them was a nightmare to take out and even then it wasn't through sheer fire power but a quirk in Reaper indoctrination technology that left it *momentarily* vulnerable. Against such overwhelming superiority the galaxy has no hope in defeating them by strength of arms alone, especially considering that all advanced technology is derived from Reaper tech. They intentionally lead civilizations down lines of development specifically because it leaves them vulnerable. The galaxy's only hope in defeating them lies in something other than brute force. LotSB hints that the Protheans may have been onto something, but like the conduit, it was too most likely late to make a difference. I'm sure a fair bit of ME3 will involve tracking that down.
That would make sense.

What's incontrovertible?
Illos and their endeavor.

Only Shepard and Saren saw the message and both beacons were destroyed. There wasn't enough wreckage of Sovereign left for anyone to prove that it wasn't just some advanced Geth design
There was huge peices of of Sovereign left
Enough that they reversed engineered it's weapons.

I'm not saying they were right, but they acted according to what they knew and their own particular motivations. Short-sightedness is hardly a rare trait in politicians.
True, but that's the part that is contrived.
All governments have a inherent suspicion about threats to their Sovereignty. For the Council races not redonkulus...That's bad story telling. They need the Shepard to be on the outside so he would have not choice but to accept Cerberus' help. That's why we're only hearing about Hackett's gestures now.

As for Vigil, the problem wasn't power but simply extreme age.
I remember they say that the power was depleated and that's all they said. It lasted 50,000 years it seems a bit convenient that after that one amount of time it chose that moment to fail.

The power concerns were to do with the stasis chambers for the Prothean scientists and that was over the course of the few centuries it took the Reapers to finish their task and return to dark space. That was 50,000 years ago and the system was already breaking down when Shepard spoke to it.
But that was holographic interface alone that was breaking down. The memory was completely intact with no signs of degradation. Vigil didn't have blanks so that means the information was still viable.

How was it useless? They destroyed an embryonic Reaper and wiped out the collectors. I'd call that a successful mission! And they did find some very useful information; they found out how Reapers reproduce and that Harbinger and the others were not waiting for the Citadel to open again and were coming. All important and potentially vital information.
One Reaper isn't going to be the problem.
How does know how they reproduce help (if that's even what their doing)?
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