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STAR TREK: Reflections of Evil

Hi All,

I thought I'd let you know about my latest animated project I've been working on at It is a multi-part series I'm creating. It is my version of a sequel to the TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror". My story takes place at the end of the Enterprise's five year mission. Although the characters and some of the voices have a unique and somewhat comical appearance, it is a serious story I wrote. This venue just offers me a way to actually bring my ideas to fruition. Parts 1 and 2 are available on YouTube. This is planned as a 6-part series and the next chapter should be released about the end of April. I hope at least some of you enjoy it. Thanks. :-)

Part One -

Part Two -

And feel free to visit my page at GoAnimate. I have produced several Trek toons in my 2+ years there.
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