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Re: "King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

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That sounds good indeed. Would make me give a shit about Cosette too. And Hugh Jackman as Javert? Perhaps not old enough. Oh! Hugh Jackman as Marius?
What is Hugh's vocal range? To stay true to the musical, he needs to be either a Bass-Baritone or a Baritone, to play Javert; and a tenor (specifically a dramatic tenor) to play Valjean. I think he'd be much too old to play Marius.

Marius would need to be much younger, stage allows for older actors to play younger character due to distances involved in seeing them (or so I've been told). Hugh could easily pass for a man in his early 30's, not late teens or early 20's. Marius could be played by Zac Efron ( ). But please NOT Nick Jonas , I saw the 25 Anniversary Concert and wanted to jam ice picks in my ears when he sang. Thankfully Michael Ball came out and the end and showed gave an actual performance.
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