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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

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If Bashir has no friends, he should have joined the Aventine, another ship or went back and got a job at Starfleet Medical.
Considering the state of the relationship between Dax and Bashir, transferring to Aventine was likely not a great option (also remember she had her pick of personnel after taking command and she chose Tarses as her CMO).

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Also how in the world is Sisko, the hero of the Dominion War, the second biggest war after the Borg Invasion, a minor captain on some random ship. Seriously, horrid.
Well, that's what he asked for specifically. Not an admiralty, and command of a random starship far away from Bajor.

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Still I guess we can look forward to sisko getting drunk and partying up, I always thought him and kira would be an interesting the couple. The emissary and the hand of the prophets.
Mmm, highly unlikely. Kira cares too much about Kasidy for that.

Still the DS9 cast has been gutted and most of the main characters besides nog and ezri seem to be in decline since the show ended.

Sjaddix wrote: View Post
As for the options, going back that ship seems to have sailed. And hell no to to new cast options, who wants the DS9 characters reduced to cameos in their own books for noobs. Those are absolutely the worst options. If the original cast is doing cameos then it is not DS9.
Meh. If anything, DS9's about change. If the new characters are good (and I'm sure they will be), bring them on! After all the Avatar duology introduced several new characters, not all of whom remained with DS9.
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