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Great Generals have said that the difference between victory and defeat is the use of time toward the end. Despite the stupidity of the Council these are viable options if the story telling allowed for them. As it stands Sheppard is going to do exactly as I say should be done...just in a much shorter and less realistic amount of time with less resources.
It's self defeating. The relays offer mobility and communication which are the closest things to advantages a fleet has over the Reapers. Isolating all the systems leaves them as sitting ducks as there's no guarantee the Reapers couldn't simply switch them on again. It's all moot anyway since the citadel races barely understand how the relays work, let alone have the slightest idea how to fully control them. Destroying them clearly isn't an option because it'd mean wiping out just about every inhabited system in the galaxy, not exactly a wise strategic plan.

Firstly I have to did they get in the galaxy once the Relay was destroyed? They never really explained the Relay tech very well or how fast it works (haven't read everything like you have) but it seems to me once the relay was destroyed they should have been unable to slow down from speeds MILLIONS of times faster than light. They should have lost a considerable portion of their fleet in the intergalactic void out of control forever because the ships FTL obvious don't have the ability to retro that sort of velocity.

The travel seemed instant from Where Joker and the Fleet jumped into Citadel space with and other times you have to wonder if the travel time is just distance for traveling to Relay for transit.
Mass effect fields are supposed to negate the effects of gravity and inertia by reducing the mass of objects within the field. As such, a ship's ability to decelerate is limited only by the power of it's element zero core. Reapers, even dead ones have been shown to have enormously powerful cores and able to pull of manoeuvres that would tear any other ship in half.

As for how relays work, it's all in the codex and if you don't want to load up the game to read it, I'm pretty sure everything has been transcribed onto the Mass Effect Wiki. In brief though, they weren't heading for that relay from another outside the galaxy, they were travelling to that system on the outer edge of the galaxy under their own power. If they'd reached the relay, it would have given them access to the entire network and allowed them to go just about anywhere in the galaxy. Without that relay, they're forced to continue under their own power to the next nearest relay, which would be weeks, months or even years away at even their FTL speeds.

You may be right there but they're not telling the story of it well. I hope it doesn't come off as a Deus Ex machima in ME3 because right now that's how it long shot piece of often was done in Stargate. Yeah I liked stargate and that was fun but at least they always built up the search for that tech. I fear that search will only be in the Third game or the latter part of the third game...which would seem so contrived for the story line.
It's simply a matter of logic. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of Reapers and even one of them was a nightmare to take out and even then it wasn't through sheer fire power but a quirk in Reaper indoctrination technology that left it *momentarily* vulnerable. Against such overwhelming superiority the galaxy has no hope in defeating them by strength of arms alone, especially considering that all advanced technology is derived from Reaper tech. They intentionally lead civilizations down lines of development specifically because it leaves them vulnerable. The galaxy's only hope in defeating them lies in something other than brute force. LotSB hints that the Protheans may have been onto something, but like the conduit, it was too most likely late to make a difference. I'm sure a fair bit of ME3 will involve tracking that down.

The real issue is the conclusion of the Reapers just being myth and Geth ships in ME2...despite all the incontrovertible evidence to the contrary and the story really puts some flimsy one liner expainers to attempt to give it some semblance of sense.

They powered these artifacts before from the PROTHEANS not really the Reapers. The Protheans had no reason to conceal their technology they could have powered that hard could it have been? Every ship had a VI interface just like it...

I mean Vigil would be the greatest find of all time on Earth today. If we knew as much about that technology as they do I know we'd find a way to access that core. It was definitely possible they just didn't write it properly.
What's incontrovertible? Only Shepard and Saren saw the message and both beacons were destroyed. There wasn't enough wreckage of Sovereign left for anyone to prove that it wasn't just some advanced Geth design and the council decided that even if Shepard was right then as far as they were concerned the threat had passed with the destruction of Sovereign and there was no sense creating a panic with horror stories of ancient killing machines lurking out beyond the edge of the galaxy. I'm not saying they were right, but they acted according to what they knew and their own particular motivations. Short-sightedness is hardly a rare trait in politicians.

As for Vigil, the problem wasn't power but simply extreme age. The power concerns were to do with the stasis chambers for the Prothean scientists and that was over the course of the few centuries it took the Reapers to finish their task and return to dark space. That was 50,000 years ago and the system was already breaking down when Shepard spoke to it. There mere fact that the program was operating at all after so much time is a testament to Prothean engineering, but that last conversation with Shepard probably used up whatever operational runtime it had left. If you had her in your squad, Liara would say she didn't think it would last much longer. Regardless, it said to Shepard that it's programming was limited to pretty much what it had already told them.

But that's my point...It didn't matter what they ultimately was a useless, stalling story arc. The real ending for ME2 should have been Arrival...and this collector stuff should have been DLC after that fact.
How was it useless? They destroyed an embryonic Reaper and wiped out the collectors. I'd call that a successful mission! And they did find some very useful information; they found out how Reapers reproduce and that Harbinger and the others were not waiting for the Citadel to open again and were coming. All important and potentially vital information.
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