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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

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I wonder if they'd be willing to put her in charge of Bajoran temple on DS9?
To do what?

I think the issue at the end of the day is that galactic political intrigue can no longer revolve around the station and the wormhole the way it did while the show was on the air. So, in that sense, getting the main DS9 characters off the station is the best way to get them back in the thick of the action.

I expect that is what we are going to see, in some form or other. As much as I disliked **understatement** the way Sisko's departure was handled, the basic idea of liberating the main cast of the relaunch from the station itself is the right choice imo. It will allow these characters to be showcased in new environments and in situations that are unfamiliar to them. All of that implies that Kira will not remain a Vedek on Bajor, and I don't think she will. Kira + Cardassians = win, so I expect her to head in that direction (perhaps as a Vedek, but not spending all her time meditating in a monastery on Bajor).

Of course, somewhere down the line there would be a Unity-esque reunion on DS9, but that would be for a momentous occasion.

As for the idea of dumping most of the main DS9-R cast members in favor of Ro & Co., mostly my reaction is: you have got to be kidding me. The series did not get jumped forward 4-5 years so that the main characters could be set aside. The whole point was to get them back in the flow of galactic events. If Sisko, Kira, Bashir and the others are not going to be major players moving forward, then there was no reason at all to jump the DS9-R ahead by five years in the first place.

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