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March Art Challenge - kitkatkatiekin

Hi, I am new to trek bbs, my dad, Scott Fulton (DFScott), is also a member.

My drawing is a bond-interpretation of James Kirk. I show Kirk in the center pointing a phaser at the viewer, then Kirk again in the upper-left holding a phaser rifle. I show a Bond-style Aston Martin in the lower left, and Uhura and Edith in a chess board style room in the lower right. Then there is my personal favorite, Khan, in the upper right holding a persian cat (as you can see, he is an avid cat lover) with the empty bookcase in the corner (in his opinion, books are dead). You may also notice how the black cat sitting on the back of Khan's chair bears a resemblance to Isis.

Hope you enjoy,

Katerina Fulton 1701 composite (medium).png
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