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Re: World Of Warcraft?

The new MMO is estimated to be a FPS, likely with a futuristic setting, but not related to Starcraft. They have said in the past it's a new IP.

People have said that WoW looked "out of date" since about five years ago. The creativity and the style of the art keeps it looking good to my eyes. If it looked a lot better, fewer people would be able to enjoy it due to hardware limitations. It also looks a lot better since Cata than it used to, they've upgraded the engine in a lot of ways over the years.

WoW has 12 million subs, Rift has a few hundred thousand at the moment. It seems to be doing just fine, and the more the merrier, IMO. They've certainly had a better, more complete and stable launch than most MMORPGs do. I don't think many people have cancelled their WoW account to try Rift though. I also don't think many people who've played WoW for years are going to think Rift is fresh or different enough to jump ship for and play long term, it's certainly not that different.

My prediction is that SWTOR will top out at about a million subs, Rifts will be lucky to hit a million, and WoW will stay at 10 million + for the next expansion or two.
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