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Re: Minecraft

Aww man, with a new version out, my custom skin pack doesn't work anymore. I'd forgotten how ugly the default game textures were. Gotta wait for the creator to release an updated version.

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just out of interest when an update is available dose it automaticly update? or do i need to do that manaully?

also this games pretty addictive, i'm enjoying it more then i expected
Glad to hear you've gotten hooked. I've started to get bored a couple of times, only to start a new construction project and get addicted all over again.
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I prefer glass. I built my home in the side of a cliff, with a big glass wall overlooking a field strewn with torches. Nothing sneaks up on me. I only wound up building a fence in front of the house yesterday because I got tired of hordes of cows mooing at my door while I tried to work on things. Yes, I'm more worried about cows than creepers.
Yeah you definately want to put nice big windows near the front of any entrance. Monsters seem to be attracted to doors.

Oh, and if cows are a problem, try removing any stray torches, or sticking a few off in a field. Animals seem to cluster around lights during the night.
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