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It amounts to the same thing, only slower. It also leaves everyone isolated from everyone else and thus essentially defenceless. Besides, as has been made abundantly clear, the council doesn't believe in the Reaper threat. They've convinced themselves Sovereign was a Geth ship and the Reapers are a myth Saren used to control the Geth.
Great Generals have said that the difference between victory and defeat is the use of time toward the end. Despite the stupidity of the Council these are viable options if the story telling allowed for them. As it stands Sheppard is going to do exactly as I say should be done...just in a much shorter and less realistic amount of time with less resources.

Except they're already *in* the galaxy, were already close to one relay. who's to say they couldn't reactivate a relay once they're close enough? They built the things after all. And once they have one back on, then they can travel from one to another across the entire network. Shutting them all off only buys you however many months it takes them to get to the next closest relay.
Firstly I have to did they get in the galaxy once the Relay was destroyed? They never really explained the Relay tech very well or how fast it works (haven't read everything like you have) but it seems to me once the relay was destroyed they should have been unable to slow down from speeds MILLIONS of times faster than light. They should have lost a considerable portion of their fleet in the intergalactic void out of control forever because the ships FTL obvious don't have the ability to retro that sort of velocity.

The travel seemed instant from Where Joker and the Fleet jumped into Citadel space with and other times you have to wonder if the travel time is just distance for traveling to Relay for transit.

Perhaps, but how exactly can you "rally the forces of the galaxy" if you've shut down the only means for them to travel and communicate over long distance? Besides, I think the only given is that defeating the Reapers won't depend on how much hardware Shepard can throw at them but in finding some old Prothean device that'll switch them all off or something. It's a role playing game, not an RTS.
You may be right there but they're not telling the story of it well. I hope it doesn't come off as a Deus Ex machima in ME3 because right now that's how it long shot piece of often was done in Stargate. Yeah I liked stargate and that was fun but at least they always built up the search for that tech. I fear that search will only be in the Third game or the latter part of the third game...which would seem so contrived for the story line.

But that's just it. There were quite clearly too much they didn't know to take such drastic action on very little information. Hell, they didn't even know for sure it was the Collectors until just *after* Shepard was brought back. Plus, as has been repeatedly stated, the relays were supposed to be indestructible.
We talked about this before...
The real issue is the conclusion of the Reapers just being myth and Geth ships in ME2...despite all the incontrovertible evidence to the contrary and the story really puts some flimsy one liner expainers to attempt to give it some semblance of sense.

They powered these artifacts before from the PROTHEANS not really the Reapers. The Protheans had no reason to conceal their technology they could have powered that hard could it have been? Every ship had a VI interface just like it...

I mean Vigil would be the greatest find of all time on Earth today. If we knew as much about that technology as they do I know we'd find a way to access that core. It was definitely possible they just didn't write it properly.

It doesn't matter what they did or didn't find out. If they knew that ahead of time what they'd find then there wouldn't be any point in going now, would there? They didn't know, so they needed to find out what' they're up to and stop it if possible. For all they knew the Collectors were using the humans as slaves to build a new citadel and open it to darkspace. What you don't know can kill you.
But that's my point...It didn't matter what they ultimately was a useless, stalling story arc. The real ending for ME2 should have been Arrival...and this collector stuff should have been DLC after that fact.
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