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March Art Challenge - DFScott

They told him he was training the descendants of generations of superhumans, so they could one day go back in time to save the human race from destroying itself with its own technology.

That should have been his first clue.

They told her she was once a cog in a colossal machine with several screws loose, and that she'd have to live for hundreds more years - never, not even once, having a good time.

Like that was going to happen.

So thanks to a bunch of galactic con artists, history as we know it is already pretty much a shambles. Even the Eugenics Wars get postponed over some petty squabble over fossil fuel. Now a bombshell of a lady who's survived six space wars over 800 years and who thinks her name might be Annika, meets up with a guy who redefines "square" and named himself Gary Seven because he thought it sounded cool. Together with one classy, street-savvy secretary and Gary's, um, cat (nice cat you got there, Gary), history's single least likely dynamic duo is out to literally make new history.

Time ran out already, so they've got nothing left to lose. composite (72 dpi).png

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