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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

A few notes for this evening:

Doug Harper will be directing "Archway" on the April 16th shoot of that vignette. "Archway" is an sf-oriented short featuring Doug Harper as Commander Mike Delaney, Richard Thorton as Lieutenant Darrell Frazier, and Hannah Ruiz as Lieutenant Doreen Spampinato. This film, written by Randall Landers, is a tribute to Robert Bloch's involvement with Star Trek.

We've also posted the closing VFX shot from "Doctor's Orders" to our Youtube channel. You'll be able to find it here:

Lastly, we're looking for cast members to appear as guest stars in our upcoming episode, "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky." Filming will take place over three weekends and perhaps a few weekdays in May. Cast members will not need to be available for the entire shooting schedule as we're shooting on nine different locations and not all cast members will be required at every location. Please contact us if interested.
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