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World Of Warcraft?

I haven't played since Jan...but I notice some comments on various sites that the game graphics are showing their age and in general people are tired and moving on to things like 'Rift' and I am sure when the Star Wars MMO comes out more people will leave WOW.

I have generally enjoyed the game and when I can play(pay for a month) make the most of it...I enjoy the races and the question is; Should Blizzard rebuild WOW from the ground up as a new game? Instead of just adding expansions on top of expansions. I don't know what the future of WOW is so forgive if there is news and info making this thread irrelevant.

[edit] I should add...I do think the graphics should be updated a bit and I really wish the character creation was expanded...I mean there are free MMOs that have more options.
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