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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

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Secondly, we have seen that most of the original cast of the show, with the exception of Quark, are no longer on the station.
.....speaking as a Kira nut it's really sad to see she's apparently gone from central character to 'someone we might see briefly every so often'...
Kira's still a main character up until beyond the end of The Soul Key...she leaves at some point before Rough Beasts of Empire, hasn't been chronicled in the DS9-R yet though
She left the station due to whatever changes and revelations happened during the business with the Ascendants. So if and when we see that, she'll be centre stage. And I'm sure she won't be swept to the side afterwards. She's changed her role; why can't the novels change their focus somewhat to keep her in the spotlight? The Ascendants story could set up all sorts of possibilities for a spiritual "quest" starring Vedek Kira. I doubt they'll sideline her; they'll just find a new focus that'll let them use her in new ways.
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