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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

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Secondly, we have seen that most of the original cast of the show, with the exception of Quark, are no longer on the station.
I'd been thinking about getting back into the Relaunch now that I've got my Kindle (I only ever read the Twist of Faith omnibus) but seeing that comment doesn't particularly entice me. How much is it DS9 if all the characters from the show have left? No offence to any of the authors who created them but the characters of Prynn, Vaughn, Ch'Thane etc just don't have the same appeal, and speaking as a Kira nut it's really sad to see she's apparently gone from central character to 'someone we might see briefly every so often'...
Kira's still a main character up until beyond the end of The Soul Key...she leaves at some point before Rough Beasts of Empire, hasn't been chronicled in the DS9-R yet though
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