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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

I'd like to see a mix-and-match of the 'fresh start' and 'returning crew'

Captain Ro Laren - okay, cool. I like this.

First Officer - Sam Lavelle? Maybe even play with some of the material from the TNG DW books involving him an Ro. Or even better - Thomas Riker!

CMO - Bashir, of course.

Security Chief - Lt. Commander Nog, returned from the Challenger. Quark would still be around, and it would be a fun counterpoint to have Nog filling Odo's shoes.

Ops - Chief O'Brien finally returns.

Sciences - Mixed. I'm not sure if I want Shar back, or someone new. Leaning towards someone new.

After that, a couple other new characters to fill things out wouldn't be bad. Aventine could come by for missions periodically, as could the Robinson, depending on how that story goes.
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