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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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And Barbreader, I'm afraid that most fan films that cease production do so because their production team gets sidetracked, perhaps by real life, perhaps by other interests.
Did I say otherwise? I was responding to Expo67's claim this thread did not address the topic of what happened to Starship Exeter. (I've seen some run out of money, get booted by their landlords, have their sets destroyed by natural disasters, have major creative differences among the principles... there are other reasons. I've had e-mail exchanges which I consider private in which I have ... let's just say used my lawyerly skills to get two people in one project back together. That project is making good progress and I am hoping for a film. I think I convinced them both that the overall project was bigger than their fight. And, then, there are those that produced one or more films and that's enough, whether it's OGAM (1 big film) or Hidden Frontier (over 50 just on their first series, still doing audio).)

But I do not disagree with your thesis that MOST fan films that cease production do so due to being sidetracked. That said. Exeter has not ceased post-production. It's just on a Planet on which time moves more slowly than here on Earth 0. (Ok, I borrowed that from the Superman multi-verse, so sue me...)
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