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Re: What next for Mass Effect?

Yeah, I should have said "mostly unused". But yeah, I'm aware it was seen in both Grunt and Kasumi's loyalty missions, but it was still only really seen in the backround. As for the model in Shepard's cabin, it seems to be some kinda mistake as it is supposed to be the shuttle. Still, I think it would work perfect for a small transport of some kind. It is obviously not an Earth heavy cruiser as it was originally designed to be. For one, it's too damn small. The Earth cruiser's we have seen so far dwarf the Normandy, whereas this design seems somewhat smaller then the SR1. I still say, rough it up a bit, give it a different paint job, slap a big ol' cargo door on the front of it, and you got yourself a Serenity for the Mass Effect universe. Figuratively speaking of course.
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