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Re: New FREE Star Trek TOS game now available!

Hello everyone,

We have just released our latest version of the NCC1701 Game Demo, download it at

This version includes numerous changes, including:


- Fixed Master Server issue to re-enable Internet play
- Various multiplayer spawning bugs resolved
- Klingon fighter (KuRist) can now be properly docked in the Enterprise
- Homing torpedoes now faster and much more accurate
- Klingon Battle Cruisers not quite as impossible to destroy now
- Replaced "Torque 3D" splash logo with "Garage Games" logo
- Small fixes to PREPARE MISSION, JOIN SERVER, and OPTIONS screens

In-game web content! Find the giant floating web page on the inside of the space dock, and view web content and flash videos...

Deck 20
- Added some fan artwork and a grand piano to the lounge area near the pool
- Added emergency battery backup rooms, port and starboard

Deck 21
- Added machinery to food preparation area


Also, since we are now including the Lower Hull mission with the base download, we have changed the add-on patch available to members to be a new Klingon Hunt mission - where you have to eliminate a boarding party that has spread out across the lower decks of the Enterprise.

And please check the NEWS section of the site for some important info regarding future development of this project.

Hope you are all enjoying the game, and we look forward to getting the full ship completed and out to the masses sometime this year.

Thank you all for your interest, live long and prosper!

Gambit Realm development team
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