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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

Not a bad book but I can see how practicalities got in the way. The story feels very compressed, at times I had to go back to see if there was a line of description that I had missed, which now that I know it was intended for a two book arc makes sense.

I am curious as to how Scotty's illness and end of active field duty precluded his being head of the SCE from San Fransisco. McCoy is still an admiral and he's in worse shape than Scotty.

I liked the characters and wish they could have had more time for development

and a first officer and chief engineer who speak proper english are much appreciated, no offence to those of you across the pond, but I'd begun to think the whole galaxy spoke American.

In short I like the story, although I hope the next one is given enough publishing length, and I hope the characters are reused at some point.
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