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Re: Aronofsky's Wolverine film title announced (3/17/11--Aronofsky qui

Part of the appeal for Aronosfky in doing The Wolverine was apparently doing a movie where everyone else also wanted to do the movie as well- and that comes from Aronosfky directly. He was tired of being the only one in the room who wanted to make the movie he wanted to make, and wanted to try something different for a change.

I do believe that was a legitimate reason for doing the film. I'm not sure if I believe some of the reports that were bandied about saying that Aronosfky changed his mind after he made millions from Black Swan- I think if The Wolverine was a success it would have propelled his career in ways no other movie currently probably could achieve. However, that's purely subjective at this point. Perhaps Aronosfky doesn't see it that way- or perhaps it has entirely to do with his family situation and these issues weren't even in consideration, which I have a tendency to believe regardless of how naive that sounds.

Either way, it is incredibly disappointing that Aronosfky won't be doing the project after all but I hope 20th Century Fox finds someone of his caliber and not another Brett Ratner. I'm still pulling for someone like Matt Reeves or Duncan Jones to direct this project.
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