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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

It took me a while to understand what the choices in the poll really were. Ah, well....

Anyway, I'd prefer a novel/trilogy/whatever basically paying off the Ascendents build-up.

Hey--I guraran-darn-tee you it's going to happen eventually. It took years for Pocket to FINALLY give Diane Duane the go-ahead for the last Rihannsu novel--but they did deliver. And sooner or later, when Pocket gets back in shape...we'll see the conclusion.

A novel or miniseries with Odo and Laas as the new, superior rulers of the Dominion would be great, too. With Odo in particular...I can easily see a new and lasting friendship with the Federation.

Hmm...should help a bit with the Typhon Pact, should the Breen and Tholians start to get pushy....

Now, as to "new cast or old"...really--unless the Ascendents-conclusion introduces some new, superb, dynamic characters to take the reins--unlikely--than I'd say the cow's been milked, and we can go back to the novels' "present" without any complaints.
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