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Re: Castle: Season 3 (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) - Discussion & Spoi

I understand what you're saying here. But this comes across as him being worried that she's up to no good, rather than being worried for her safety IMO.
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Agreed though that the daughter is getting into territory.
Well, I wouldn't go that far. I still adore Alexis. I just think this episode was rubbing it in a little. And Castle not trusting his daughter has been too much of a recurring theme this season, and that makes him look bad.
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^I totally agree with you. Unless she really gives him a reason not to trust her I think the writers should give it a rest.
I'm with you guys on this one too. If she at least gave him a reason to not trust I could understand, but she hasn't, so his behavior seems kind of unnecessarily.
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