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This is where logic comes in. Shut down all the relays. It potentially gives the Galaxy hundreds of years if not a millenia to stop the Reapers from crossing the intergalactic void quickely...
They can't shut down the relays. Only the Reapers are able to control the entire relay network. Even if the Council races could shut down the relays, they never would because it would effectively destroy galactic civilization and commerce.

Yeah but how much of a threat could the terminus systems be. These systems are populated by a loose affiliation of minor species, united only in their refusal to acknowledge the political authority of the Council or adhere to the Citadel Conventions.

The wiki describes them as "raids"
Not really a threat against the Citadel Fleets and their Dreadnoughts.
They're a big enough threat to make the Council not want to send an entire fleet to Ilos, which was in the Terminus Systems, because they knew it would more than likely spark a war.

True but I'm talking about after the fact of discovering the true nature of the Collectors. Why go in after them...Why not just shutdown or destroy the relay like they did here?

A) Nobody had considered the possibility of destroying a mass relay before the Alpha Relay project.
B) Considering the Omega Relay's importance, it's probable that the Reapers made it impossible to be shut down by anyone but themselves.
C) Sending anyone in to try to destroy the Omega Relay would lead to a war.
D) Destroying the Omega Relay would also destroy the entire star system surrounding it, killing millions of people (Omega alone has a population of 7.8 million) and more than likely leading to a war between the Council races and the Terminus Systems.
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