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One assumes the Reapers have been hauling arse at FTL from wherever they were parked out in the intergalactic void ("darkspace") to this Alpha Relay--presumably the closest--ever since Sovereign failed to activate the Citadel; so the best part of two years or more. It's never stated exactly how fast FTL drive is, just that the relative speed is proportional to the type and size of a given vessel's drive core. Given what we know about Reaper tech, it's safe to assume they can move *very* fast even without the relays, though obviously not so fast that they don't need relays to cross the galaxy in a reasonable amount of time.
Now, destroying the relay means that they'll have to continue at standard FTL to the next nearest relay. Depending on where that may be it could mean several more months or years of travel (we don't yet know exactly what the span of time will be between ME2 & 3 or for that matter how long a period ME2 covered leading up to the suicide mission.)
This is where logic comes in. Shut down all the relays. It potentially gives the Galaxy hundreds of years if not a millenia to stop the Reapers from crossing the intergalactic void quickely...

Build a fleet to stop them and then go after them...
If you shutdown the relays, you effectively kill your own infrastructure since the economies of the Citadel and Terminus powers are based on relay travel. Plus without the relays, there's no way for a fleet to quickly cross the galaxy to face the Reapers, since Reaper FTL drives are obviously superior to normal ME drives since the Reapers apparently don't need to discharge their drive cores and non-relay based ME drives have really terrible performance based on that conversation Ashley had with her sister in ME1.
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