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One assumes the Reapers have been hauling arse at FTL from wherever they were parked out in the intergalactic void ("darkspace") to this Alpha Relay--presumably the closest--ever since Sovereign failed to activate the Citadel; so the best part of two years or more. It's never stated exactly how fast FTL drive is, just that the relative speed is proportional to the type and size of a given vessel's drive core. Given what we know about Reaper tech, it's safe to assume they can move *very* fast even without the relays, though obviously not so fast that they don't need relays to cross the galaxy in a reasonable amount of time.

Now, destroying the relay means that they'll have to continue at standard FTL to the next nearest relay. Depending on where that may be it could mean several more months or years of travel (we don't yet know exactly what the span of time will be between ME2 & 3 or for that matter how long a period ME2 covered leading up to the suicide mission.)
This is where logic comes in. Shut down all the relays. It potentially gives the Galaxy hundreds of years if not a millenia to stop the Reapers from crossing the intergalactic void quickely...

Build a fleet to stop them and then go after them...

Regarding the nature of mass relays; if I remember this right from the codex, relays have some kind of stasis field that protects them from damage over time. This also makes them effectively impenetrable. As for the Citadel, it's stated that there are whole sections that are inaccessible and between the automated systems and the Keepers, the station essentially runs itself and automatically adapts to the needs of the inhabitants. Any initial suspicion would have eventually faded as several millennia of habitation proved the station to be apparantly benign.

It's also worth remembering that the Reapers are extremely advanced and intentionally built these things to be easily used but next to impossible to truly understand, so it shouldn't be surprising that they camouflaged much of their true capabilities. Additionally, give that the Keepers have a habit of self-destructing if interfered with, it's not much of a leap of logic to presume the Citadel or the Mass Relays might react similarly to an invasive investigation. In short, everyone's very happy that these things work and nobody wants to risk loosing them in a foolish attempt to poke around where they're not welcome.
Didn't they say that all there technology is based on Mass Relay tech? The protheans had to have access to at least one relay in order to know how to make did look exactly the same as a real relay...

As for Omega, I'm pretty sure the Terminus systems wouldn't react well if any of the citadel races decided to blow up the Omega-4 relay, taking their de facto capital and central commercial hub with it. The fact that in ME1 the council was so afraid of a war with the Terminus systems that they refused to send a fleet after Saren. If the mere appearance of a fleet is liable to set them off, think what a blatant act of terrorism would provoke. Aside from that, a LOT of money and trade moves through Omega and I wouldn't be surprised if a fair portion of that (officially or otherwise) flows right from the Citadel.
Yeah but how much of a threat could the terminus systems be. These systems are populated by a loose affiliation of minor species, united only in their refusal to acknowledge the political authority of the Council or adhere to the Citadel Conventions.

The wiki describes them as "raids"
Not really a threat against the Citadel Fleets and their Dreadnoughts.

As for the Collectors, as had been repeatedly stated, they were very rarely seen, practically a myth and there were only unconfirmed reports of their ships transiting from the Omega-4 relay. Remember that the human colonies in the Terminus systems were independent and not part of the Systems Alliance. The colonists were warned that they were taking a risk by colonising planets outside the official protection of the Citadel Council. So when they start disappearing, it easy to put it down to pirates, slavers, or just hostile races.
True but I'm talking about after the fact of discovering the true nature of the Collectors. Why go in after them...Why not just shutdown or destroy the relay like they did here?

[/QUOTE]Hackett is clearly a seasoned officer and trusts his instincts. Remember, he's the one that recommended Shepard to Udina for Spectre candidacy at the start of ME1, so right from the start the Commander had earned his respect.[/QUOTE]

I remember.

As for Ash and Kaiden's reactions, I think it was mostly born out of shock that Shepard was still alive, that they had to find out second or third hand and that their Commander had apparantly betrayed the Alliance and defected to Cerberus. Hackett on the other hand is a big picture kind of guy. Plus if you romanced either Ash or Kaiden, you get an apology e-mail shortly after Horizon.
Yeah but it has the appearance of a contrivance because they have the same reaction as though they were the same personality. Other situations of characters in ME are more character based occurences.
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