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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

I would like the series to pick up where "The Soul Key" left off, and spend at least 3 books moving the Ascendants story forward while also helping to fill in the gaps the lead up to the Destiny timeframe. By reading the other novels, it has become quite clear that the DS9 landscape has changed dramatically (and not necessarily for the better):


- Sisko is no longer in communication with the Prophets, feels lost, and has abandoned pretty much everything in order to return to Starfleet
- Kira left the station and left her military career to become a Vedek
- Ro is now the Captain of DS9
- Bashir is still the station's CMO but apparently has no friends left on the station
- Ezri is now Captain of the Aventine
- Bowers is the XO of the Aventine
- Shar never returns to the station, and ultimately resigns his Starfleet commission
- Vaughn is critically injured during the Borg invasion and is comatose
- Prynn remains on DS9 and tends to her father's bed side
- Nog leaves DS9 to become a tactical/security officer on the Challenger

I'm really not happy with the creative direction taken with Sisko, Kira and Vaughn. Kinda bummed about Nog leaving the station, too. There are so many new gaps to be filled in the crew yet again. Part of me wonders if the books would even be able to capture the magic that the DS9 relaunch series had when it began.
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