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Re: CGI goddess RAPUNZEL from TANGLED appreciation thread.

(Note to Mods-I hope you won't give me an infraction for two posts in a row even if they are months apart-I wanted to bring this back because the DVD is out NOW)

The TANGLED DVD is finally out!

Just wanted to say that if you MISSED this movie when it was having its THEATRICAL you have the chance to check it out via the DVD.

If you dimisses this as a kids movie when it came out you will be pleasently surprised to find there's a lot for adults to love in it too.

So if you have a chance to pick it up or rent it you will find that Walt Disney animation returned to its finest form for its 50th movie.

(And no I don't work for Disney- I just want to get the word out when a REALLY good movie comes along after wading through such wonders as I AM NUMBER FOR etc)
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