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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

30. Gigi (B-)
31. I Love You Phillip Morris (B+)
32. How To Train Your Dragon (A)
33. Tarzan (B+)

The last Disney film of the old century, rather neatly bookending the ten year period of the Disney Renaissance from the release of The Little Mermaid in 1989 (of Disney's output between this and The Princess and the Frog, only Lilo & Stitch is really remembered). I didn't actually see this or Mulan in theatres at the time, and over the years I've played catch-up.

Unlike most of Disney's output, this isn't a musical, it just has accompanying songs; the songs, on their own, are very good (I recall seeing the Phil Collins music videos many times on TV as a kid), but I don't know that they're the best fit for the story being told, just in terms of style. Tarzan doesn't hit the same heights as Disney's best work as a result of that, and also because of a rather unremarkable villain who only becomes a villain at the very end (though capably voiced by Brian Blessed). What really works is almost everything else. The character interactions are great, particularly between Tarzan and Kala and Tarzan and Jane. Disney also has a great advantage over other adaptations of this property in that they can depict the world of the apes with far more detail than live action films can.
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