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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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What would an actual Cardassian civilian - meaning, somebody who is not involved with the government or the military, and thus not working as part of the occupation force - even be doing on Bajor in the first place? Not counting family members, of course.
Why aren't we counting family members?
Because they would be expected to be there.

A true Cardassian civilian - one who is not in the government or the military, and is not actually *working* for the occupation - would have no reason to be on Bajor unless he or she was the family member (spouse or child) of someone who was. And even then, it's doubtful. Dukat, for example; as far as we know, his family was back on Cardassia the whole time. If the prefect himself didn't have his family with him, most of the rest of them probably didn't either (although a few did, i.e. "The Darkness and the Light").

So if Kira says they were all guilty, she must have been targeting actual occupation members or their families, nothing more. She wasn't just indulging in racial hatred of all Cardassians.
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