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Part of me wonders if the achievement thing means they're prepping for a Steam/XBox version of the game. Seems kinda pointless though when there are so many other things in the game that need expanding on. (how about more uses for dyes damnit!)

Gold - Well, you can use four pieces to make a clock, but other than that, meh. I ended up just dumping all of mine in a box at the center of my pyramid next to all my collected bones.

Creepers - Just pretend you're playing a fps and keep your situational awareness high. They do tend to go away later in the day though. At least above ground. Fortunately craters are at least easy to fill back in. Just keep a big pile of dirtblocks and a couple of porkchops on hand for quick recovery.

TNT - Be careful though, as it tends to blow up resource blocks as well.

Spawnpoint - Always make it a point to make note of any landmarks. Also making 2 block stacks in otherwise flat areas is a cheap way of marking your path. I also like to set down blocks of cobblestone with torches on top to act as guides back to my house.
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