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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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And what's your heat dissipation plan? Or are you planning on letting the laser emplacements cook themselves?
I don't know really, small heat dissipation vents? However it is that excess heat is dissipated from the sublight drives, or the weapons? I'm sure that some method for dissipating excess energy created from laser exists.

@Vector: This quote suggested that the design was headed away from using any sort of energy weapons.

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"Missiles and rocks are in fashion." Is that meant to be "rockets" or does the ship mount railgun /mass driver weapons?
That would be "rocks" - the railgun option. Though all of this is somewhat in flux - me no like rayguns, but aridas has suggested something that's sort of half-and-half.

Lot of good suggestions here, guys.
I suppose I could've read the entire thread to find out what the final consensus was, but that would have taken at least a few hours.
I'm glad to see that you are considering defensive weapons though.
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