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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

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Finally got my hands on a copy this morning (I guess Borders really is a stickler about holding the books until the official release date... I've been a couple of times over the past week and they didn't have them available until today). I'm about 50 pages in so far. Enjoying it, but the Intrepid NX-07 mystery raised a whopping "red alert!" due to the fact that reminds me so much of the Columbia NX-02 element from Destiny. Granted, the book draws that comparison and doesn't shy away from it, so I assume that this is going somewhere and that it'll be worth the read. But my first impression was "oh geez, not another long-lost NX-class disaster mystery".
The original idea, of course, was developed before Destiny came out, and when that series came out I assumed it would mean this story wouldn't get commissioned (at least not without major changes requested) and so got on with pitching other stories... Then this got commissioned out of the blue, without such changes requested, to my surprise!

But at least I thought to address the similarity!
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