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(and in the case of the XBOX 360, repeated returns due to overheating).
The new generation of 360s with the built in HDDs are a lot more stable and less prone to failure than the original models.
They probably are, but I'll be gunshy about it for a while. When I had bought a 360, it was an investment that failed repeatedly. Each time "Oh, this core is much better" or "this fan is much stronger" only for it to overheat time and again, and I'd get BS answers like "you shouldn't play your 360 for more than half an hour", or "you shouldn't play movies since that overheats it". I hold that against Microsoft, because they knew better, so I'm not willing to part with what I consider a great deal of money to make that gamble again.
Sony did the same thing with the PS2, they made several million consoles (at least) poorly because they didn't care, they knew after 2-3 years you would buy a new console and they get more money. I will never forgive them for that.
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