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Re: Consoles Are Fun!

Oh yay it's 2011 and I still get to say that Eternal Darkness is the most over rated game for the Gamecube by far. The games camera and controls (the two most important features) make the game unplayable.

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^ I'll check those out, too. I just picked up Star Wars Rogue Leader and it looks gorgeous. Got it for a $1 used!

Mario and Mario Kart are the worst ever made, so pass, honestly I played the hell out of Mario Kart 64 and the GC one is horrible and Mario Sunshine should pretend never was made.

Beyond Good and Evil is an amazing game, buy that. F-Zero GX is one of, if not the best racing games ever made, it looks beautiful even to this day. It was even made by Sega. Super Monkey Ball 1 is great, the sequel is based on luck and not skill, I can't stand it. Viewtifull Joe is great too, really pretty game. Buy Animal Crossing because it has Nintendo (NES) games like Donkey Kong in it. Chibi-robo is the craziest game ever made, if you can find it buy it.

Your best best is still Gamestop in my opinion because Flea Markets still charge $1-$2 for used VHS and $4-6 for used DVDs that I can find for $5 new. When the system was dying I found several games like something Wars, Chibi-Robo, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (played with drums!) and others for $10 a piece new. So even know they are normally pretty cheap.

The next game you should get is F-Zero GX.
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