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Re: Consoles Are Fun!

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You're my kind of gamer I've still got my GC and I won't be picking up a Wii till they're down to about 50 at the very least. I expect to get quite a bit of use out of it.
Thanks! Believe me, I'd like to own a nice PS3, Nintendo Wii or XBOX 360, but the prices keep me away (and in the case of the XBOX 360, repeated returns due to overheating). To add to that, why pay $200-$500 for a system and then $20-$60 for games, when I can enjoy a nice system and good games for about $30 and $5 respectively?

I'd get more games off of Amazon, but the shipping costs are absurd most of the time. It may be a penny for a game (w00t!), but then it's $6 shipping. Grab a few games and you may be paying 20 cents for all three, but then you're paying $18-$20 for 4 to 14 day shipping. Silliness.

Unfortunately, the Flea Market is no better. $15-$35 for used GC games? Absurd. Our local thrift stores are mostly about clothes, and if you search on a local site like Craigslist, someone may offer games, but they're titles you either already have or are just mediocre titles. It gets a tad frustrating sometimes.

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