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Re: Consoles Are Fun!

Kelthaz wrote: View Post
The Gamecube isn't up to the standard of Nintendo's other great consoles
I'd rate it above the N64 easily, in terms of the games available, the performance of the machine and the life span of the pads compared to the easily-jammed-and-don't-think-about-a-3rd-party-model pads for the N64.

Bishop76 wrote: View Post
I would also like to point out, again, Eternal Darkness
It's really that good. I got a copy thrown in with a second hand GC and hadn't heard about it before that. I didn't play it for a while since I'd picked up Mario Kart with the Zelda sampler and then Wind Waker soon after, but once you get into it, the structure of the game is quite engrossing.

J. Allen wrote: View Post
Okay, I got my hands on Metroid Prime ($3 used). I'm still standing by my statement that even on an HDTV, Gamecube graphics look very good, and the game itself is pretty good. I'm not quite sure what to expect so far.
You're my kind of gamer I've still got my GC and I won't be picking up a Wii till they're down to about 50 at the very least. I expect to get quite a bit of use out of it.
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