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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Topic, shmopic.. It will be done when it's done. The sets are packed in a garage somewhere, the actors have all gone on with their lives.. It's been years, not months.. Obviously no one is in a hurry to get 'er done, so what else could we talk about??

And honestly, why do you keep dressing down those who are less offended by nudity and sex than you obviously are??

You are bereft of fun, sir!

Just to clarify things, I am not offended by nudity(female nudity that is)and sex. I just think that there is a time and a place for it. Be it the physical act or discussion of it.

This BB is not one of those places.

In case you have forgotten, there are women who also visit this board, too. And they may not appreciate such discussions of a carnal nature.

If that brands me as bereft of fun in your eyes, so be it.

Better to be branded as an old fashioned Englishman and gentleman, than as a disrespecting, sex-starved, sexist pig like Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy(a character who should have contracted AIDS/HIV and died a long time back for his sexual promiscous(?)activities).

There is such a thing as being respectful of women. And judging by the remarks that have been made here, it looks as if some have very little respect for the opposite sex.
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