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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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Perhaps not. The problem still arises: that still included Cardassian civilians on Bajor.
There's a very big difference between committing mass murder against millions of people on their native land and committing small-scale attacks against "civilians" who were part of an invading and occupying foreign culture.
Why put "civilians" in quotes? Were they somehow not civilians in reality?

Is it the case, then, that their very existance on Bajor made them compliant--thereby justifying Bajoran attacks directly targeting civilian lives? Isn't that generalizing on the basis of race?
What would an actual Cardassian civilian - meaning, somebody who is not involved with the government or the military, and thus not working as part of the occupation force - even be doing on Bajor in the first place? Not counting family members, of course.

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I somehow doubt that she would have advocated detonating nuclear weapons in the middle of downtown Lakarian City, though.
Kira might not have, I agree. However, there may have been some of her compadres in the resistance who were not so accommodating. And years later, there's the Maquis, who definitely had some people like that as well (i.e. Eddington).
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